Vanessa Christie of Family Roots Research is registered as a data controller with the Information Commission’s Office (Registration Number ZA190627) for the purposes of processing personal data to enable the provision of family, local and historical research services.

Any data relating to living persons is not used for any purposes other than historical research and will never be passed on or made accessible to any third party without the direct permission of the individual or individuals it relates to.

Personal information Family Roots Research holds includes: –

Client name and contact details – address, email address, telephone number.

Details of living relatives of the client, which may include address, date and place of birth, marriage details, occupational details etc.

Much of this data is in the public domain. However, all data collected by Family Roots Research will be held securely under an encrypted password on a private computer running up to date security protection software.

Family Roots Research has no control of the security of data electronically transferred via the internet and cannot accept liability for data transferred in this way.

Consent to the use of personal data

Contact with Family Roots Research indicates an intention of interest in a contractual agreement for the research services Family Roots Research supplies.

Any contractual arrangements will be fully discussed and a written contractual agreement will be supplied.

This agreement requires positive consent for the use of any relevant personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the contract.

If no such contractual agreement is pursued then all personal data provided in the initial contact will be destroyed.

Use of personal data

Personal data will only be used for the following purposes:-

  • Contact and communication relevant to the agreed contract.
  • To fulfil the agreed contract for historical research. Any written reports produced as part of the contract will not be made available to any third party, unless positive consent is given.
  • For legal compliance.

Personal data will be held for the length of the contractual agreement and for 1 year following in case further research is commissioned. After that time all personal data will be erased from the private computers of Family Roots Research and permanently destroyed. The exception to this is any information required to legally comply with HMRC tax returns, i.e. 5 years after the 31 January submission deadline of the relevant tax year.

 Withdrawal of consent and removal of personal data

At any time, a request can be made by email or letter to Family Roots Research to view or destroy the personal data held by Family Roots Research.

Family Roots Research regularly reviews its privacy policy to ensure compliance with current legislation.