Genealogy, family and local history research and document transcription. Based in Hampshire.

Discovering about your ancestral family, where they lived and what they did is exciting but can also be difficult if you are unsure where to start. As a professional genealogist and family history researcher perhaps I can help you.

  • Would you like to discover your ancestors or the history of a locality?
  • Maybe you have started your own research and need some information from the local record office but cannot travel there yourself.
  • Would you like to obtain a birth, marriage or death certificate for your ancestors but are uncertain how to do it?
  • Are you unsure about doing on-line historical searches yourself and need assistance?
  • Do you have an old document that is difficult to read?
  • Do you need help interpreting an old medical document?
  • Is there a gravestone, house, building or place you need photographing?

  I can undertake:-

  • Small research commissions
  • ‘Look ups’ and copying at local record offices
  • Will and document transcriptions
  • Interpretation of old medical terminology
  • On-line genealogical searches
  • Ancestral pedigrees back to the early 1800s, or earlier if records survive
  • Acquisition of certificates, e.g. birth, marriage and death
  • Census searches
  • Local photography of houses, gravestones, villages etc.

My service is flexible to meet your requirements. No job is too small.

Before any work is undertaken I will obtain as much information from you about  your requirements and any details you may already have.

An initial free feasibility study will be undertaken to establish the likely availability of relevant records and their location etc.

I will discuss the options with you and allow you time to decide if you would like me to proceed.

I will keep you informed of my progress and you are free to halt the research at any point, paying only for any work already undertaken.

Please contact me to discuss how I may help you. See contact page for details.